Flex Baseball

Dear Parents,

EPBC will once again be offering our Flex program with teams to compete in a variety of Part-time travel leagues in our area. Based on interest we will be fielding teams at the 8 and 9 year old level. As long as there are enough players to field a team, no child shall be cut. If there are enough players for two teams at any age level, the teams will be selected by the managers after our winter sessions and prior to the first game and will be split evenly. Each team will play approx. 10-15 games (weather permitting) on Sundays (generally in the morning) and some Wednesday/Saturday evening games (not to conflict with In house games) . The Season runs from approx. 4/15 through 6/30 with Winter workouts starting in January (typically once per week on either Saturday/Sunday). Here are a couple of things to consider:

1. Games will be against other part-time travel teams from the Chicago land area. The schedule will include at least 4/5 home games and 4/5 away games.

2. In the event we have enough players for two teams at an age level those teams will be split evenly based on talent. This evaluation will be done by the specific age group coaches after the winter indoor sessions and prior to the start of the first game. If there are not enough players to field two teams we will accommodate all players on one roster and the coach will rotate the roster during the season to give every player at least 10 games.

3. Manager will be selected by the board and the Flex league coordinator

4. Practice, and game schedules will be determined by each individual coach. Any flex practice that conflicts with a regular season in-house practice, the in-house practice will take priority. We anticipate limited indoor practice starting in January and continuing until the start of the season.

5. Cost should be approx. $250 for the Flex team and is in addition to the regular house baseball registration fee.

6. The All-Star team will be selected at the conclusion of the Boys Club season as it has in the past. In order to participate in All-Stars, you must participate in the flex season. The all-star team will be selected by the All-Star manager (All-Star Manager is selected by the board). The team will be selected based on the 6 month flex season of practices and games. Participating in the Sunday flex  league does not guarantee a spot on the All-Star team. In the event we have enough interest in All-stars we may offer two teams. If we do have enough interest, two teams offered at the 8 year old level would be split evenly and there would be “A” and “B” teams at the 9 year old level

Once again, the goal is to provide another level of competition and training for those players who might typically look to play at the full-time travel level. Also it provides our parents with a cost efficient alternative to full time travel baseball which can cost approx. $500-$2000.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail board@epbaseballclub.com


Thank you
EPBC Board

Our Purpose

The object of this club will seek to implant in the youth of our community ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage.

This objective will be achieved by providing recreational activity for as many of our youth as the organizational personnel deems necessary and as parental participation will allow. All shall bear in mind that exceptional athletic skill and the winning of games are secondary and that the formation of sound character is of prime importance.

Though the name Evergreen Park Baseball Club may be construed as limited, registration of participants will be open to any child, male or female, within the age limits of their respective playing divisions.