Pee Wee

Manager Rob Morris   Manager Aaron Rondeau   Manager Brian Harmon   Manager Brian Maguire   Manager Pat Mckeown
Sean Blake   Wyatt Campbell   Bruno Bendoraitis   Finnegan Barry   Henry Berry
Finnegan Hansen   Brodie Cerrito   Luke Callahan   Bobby harrington   Quinn Corley
Orlando Morin   George Davidson   Charlie Harmon   Ronan Maguire   Aven Davies
Timothy Morris   Patrick Holloway   Emmett Harmon   Emmerick Mitchell   Brady Dugger
Henry Blake   Jace Martinez   Kevin McKee   Griffin Nolan   Marty Goyke
Gideon Earley   Patrick Moore   Garrett Reidy   Rohan Nolan   Patrick Juarez
Benjamin Lieschke   Christopher Mulcrone   Madden Senger   Danny Parisi   Noah Kelly
Jalani Rodriguez   Charlie Mulcrone   Jack Shalvis   Liam Rowan   Luke McKeown
Jack Terri   Dean Otten   Charlie Sullivan   Mick Sears   Patrick Moran
Justin Welcome   Reilly Rondeau   Ryan Tassone   Briar Sears   Tyler Termine
Matthew Westman   Jack Seidelmann         Mick Smith   Shea Weber
     PW ORIOLES        PW PIRATES            PW RAYS         PW RED SOX       MAJOR YANKEES
Mgr: Anthony Montelione Manager Tim Hermann   Manager Sean McCarthy   Manager Jeremy Niksic   Manager Jason Osterloh
Mickey Griffin   Lafayette Bell   Cian Burt   Oliver Blake   Emmett Doyle
Michael Gruber   Conor Burke   Sean Clark   Elliot Blake   Nicholas Frank
Allen Johnson   Timothy Burns   Jack Kinney   Finlay Cody   Patrick Hayes
Hunter Keyser   Max Colomb   Ben Lebron   Jimmy Duggan   Timothy Koziczkowski
Riley Lynch   Benjamin Elliott         Scott Hemesath   Seamus Malloy
Michael Montelione   Nathan Hamberlin   Ryan McCarthy   Tommy Knightly   Michael Oldenstedt
Michael Rhodes   Kaden Hermann   Joey O’Rourke   Caleb Lascola   Walter Osterloh
Nicholas Rojek   Ryan Kolasa   Shaun Porch   Mickey Maloney   Brayden Rowell
Lorenzo Soria   Andrew Kotowski   Daniel Sullivan   Lou Niksic   Ian Walter
Michael Tumino   Noah Palhegyi   Finn Willette   Timmy O’Connell   John Woolley
                  Jack Sheehan      

Our Purpose

The object of this club will seek to implant in the youth of our community ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage.

This objective will be achieved by providing recreational activity for as many of our youth as the organizational personnel deems necessary and as parental participation will allow. All shall bear in mind that exceptional athletic skill and the winning of games are secondary and that the formation of sound character is of prime importance.

The Evergreen Park Baseball Club is open to any child, male or female, within the age limits of their respective playing divisions.